Shoe dilemma

Tuesday night, I lifted weights and did the Oiselle Dirty Dozen core workout.

I’ve never done core work consistently, but I know it’ll make me stronger and faster, so I’m now officially trying. That workout is intense! I’m definitely feeling the burn today.

For tonight’s run, I wore my most subtle running gear.

Because I simply hate standing out in a crowd.

My goal was five easy miles, so what I wound up doing was frustrating.

Can’t. Slow. Down.

This was the second run in my new shoes, and this time I really focused on how they felt. The toebox is roomier than I’m used to, and I went up a half-size from my usual 8.5 based on the salesgirl’s recommendation; I just don’t know if I’ve got too much room for my toes to flop around. I definitely feel like I’m running differently, but I’m not sure it’s in a good way.

I got too hung up thinking about the shoes to relax, so my shoulders and upper back felt really tight just a few miles in. I kept trying to breathe, relax, and slow down.

Yeah, didn’t work. I was too anxious about the shoe situation and my 15K on Saturday. Which shoes will I wear?

I think the safe route is to go with my Ghosts, but the new shoes are definitely helping me run fast even when I try to slow down. I’ll do one last easy run in the Ghosts tomorrow and then decide.

Cross my heart, hope to die, I’ll be good and run 9:00+ miles tomorrow!

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