18 miles of death

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you are missing out on real-time whining insights, such as this one earlier today:

I spent miles 14 through 18 trying to decide if I needed to puke or was just hungry. It took all my willpower to choke down my Clif Shots. It probably had something to do with the GLARING, HOT HOT HOT SUN.

It was like full-on summer in Seattle today, and I made the mistake of starting my run around 9:30. My watch shows that I spent two hours and 45 minutes running, yet the elapsed time that it took be to get back home was three hours and 36 minutes.

That includes stoplight breaks, water breaks, shade breaks, sitting-on-the-curb breaks (to curb, haha, that puking feeling), laying-in-the-grass-at-Green-Lake-with-only-1.25-miles-left breaks, etc. I finished just after 1:00, so I ran the last miles during the hottest, most miserable time of the day.


I’m smiling here, but only because I’d been laying in the grass for five minutes and had just finished chugging lots of very cold water from the water fountain. I seriously considered laying there for like an hour.

Alas, I finished the run, but it was rough. 

Not my best run, but certainly nothing to sneeze at for 18 miles. That slow mile 15 was a heinous death-shuffle up a hill.

Oh, I also took my shirt off at mile 5.5 and ran in just my sports bra and shorts until mile 14. It was THAT warm in the direct sun. Ain’t nobody got time to be self-conscious in survival mode. Then the breeze picked up and really cooled me down, so I popped it back on. Fun story, huh?

Anyway, I’m super glad that’s over with. Just a few more long runs to go:

  • Next weekend: 13 miles (yesssss, so short!)
  • May 18: 15K race + 10 miles
  • May 25: 12 miles
  • June 1: 20 miles (God help me)
  • June 8: 12 miles
  • June 15: 2 miles (sweet taper)
  • June 22: MARATHON

It’ll be another beautiful day tomorrow. I’m excited to soak up the sun while Aaron competes in the final race of his mountain bike series that counts for the overall awards! He could win the whole thing tomorrow!!!

Oh, duh, he will.

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