Back home again

Our vacation in the rain shadow east of the Cascades was lovely — just two hours away from Seattle, yet it gets 300 days of sunshine a year, WHAT — but now it’s back to the west, to rain, to cold temps, and to pants, goddamn it.

Sunshine and shorts are everything. Pants are the worst.

But my lungs are glad to be closer to sea level again, as evidenced by tonight’s run:


Oh, word. I’ll take this over huffing and puffing through majestic mountains at a few thousand feet of elevation any day (not really, but I’m trying to make myself feel better about having to wear pants again).

Let’s reminisce. Shorts in downtown Leavenworth (see how even the Bank of America is Bavarian-themed? Love it):


Shorts in Waterfront Park:


Creepy how similar those pictures are. Can you tell that Aaron’s favorite way to Instagram is to say, “Hey, turn around!” as I’m walking away?

Shorts in the SNOW:


Because even in the snow, it’s still warmer than Seattle! What does that even mean! I need to reevaluate my life!

Here are my final vacation mileage stats, all while wearing shorts:



  • 4 mile hike, easy prancing-in-the-snow pace



  • Food food food, fast-as-I-can-eat pace

Oh, shorts, we had fun together. I’ll see you again in July.

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