You bettah WERK

My marathon training schedule had me resting my legs and lifting weights tonight, but the weather was too beautiful not to get out and run.

Plus — shocker — Aaron joined me! He has two weekends off before his next bike race, so he didn’t have to worry about keeping his legs fresh for once.

Good thing, since we beat the hell out of ‘em.


Nothing like busting out seven miles when you haven’t run in months. Those rock-hard cyclist quads and calves are full of black magic, I tell you.

He’s naturally a fast runner, and obviously in ridiculously good shape, so he pushed me to run a bit faster than I normally would have. But you know what? I think I wound up pushing him a bit, too.


He stopped to go to the bathroom at one point, then sprinted like halfway around Green Lake to catch up with me. I think he was… a little winded. I kept up the pace, though. Heh!

I love running. I love Aaron. I love sharing my love of running with Aaron.


Good things. : )

Oh yeah, and I officially upgraded my Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon registration to the full marathon. Seemed like a good day to do it.

Countdown to June 22.

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