Catering tasting: Herban Feast at Sodo Park

Let’s talk about Herban Feast catering, shall we?

First of all, they know how to put on a beautiful event. Their home venue, Sodo Park, is in a gritty, industrial area of south Seattle, but the interior is gorgeously airy and rustic. This is like the hot place to get married right now… but I like our venue better, obviously.

The tasting was cruise-themed, with appropriate nautical decor and catering coordinators dressed in navy and white stripes. The food was set up in stations:

And we tasted ev-er-y-thing (minus the martini).

Our favorite appetizers were the spicy chicken endive leaf spoons (center) and sweet potato crab cakes (second from right).

The farmer’s market summer salad was good, but had nothing on the heavenly grapefruit-goat cheese salad from our first tasting.

As for entrees, the tender beef loin was, well, incredibly tender. The salmon and gnocchi were a bit dry, and the chicken breast was just OK, but the accompanying roasted lemon & caper sauce was the bomb.

Now let’s talk about the s’more parfait.

Holy shit, you guys. This was A-MAZ-ING. From top to bottom, it was a layer of toasted, molten marshmallow, a layer of chocolate mousse, a layer of gooey caramel, and a swirl of crumbled graham crackers spanning the bottom layers. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!

I’m actually getting kind of upset typing this because I don’t know when, if ever, I can have this s’more parfait in my life again.

That’s right — we’re not hiring Herban Feast. Not because the food isn’t good (it’s great), but because it just didn’t grab us the way the first caterer did (that salad!) and we already have a fantastic potential menu planned with them.

And that concludes our brief but wonderful catering tasting journey… until we do our cupcake tasting in early 2014, that is. I’ll be counting down the days!

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