The catch-up: Shopping, sunshine, and shooooorts!

We have lots to catch up on, yo!


I blew off my strength-training after work to shop. You see, losing seven pounds has made me feel much better about my body and given me the confidence to buy new clothes. I didn’t want to get new stuff seven+ pounds ago because I knew I eventually wanted to get back to my pre-travel weight. And hey, here I am!

The clothes I currently have fall under two categories: Clothes that I’ve had since before I left for my trip over a year ago, which fit me now, but are fairly old and worn-looking; and clothes that I bought last summer/fall because my pre-travel clothes didn’t fit me, and are now saggy (because I’m smaller) and worn-looking (because I suck at having style and wear the same stuff over and over).

So I sprang for new jeans. Super-skinny jeans, to be exact, in my pre-travel size.


I’m still a little nervous about these, but I was assured by the saleslady (of cour$e) and Aaron that they look OK. I wore them to work the other day with sort of an oversized top and felt fine. Comfortable, even. Yay!

I also got quite a few tops, as I’m making a continued effort to branch out from v-neck tees. FYI, ladies, this is the most flattering shirt EVER. It can be dressed up for work, or all trendy-like for happy hour, or whatever. I got it in four colors. AND IT’S ON SALE. So get on it! I think it runs a bit big, as I am usually a small, but the XS fits perfectly. (Mind = blown.)

Anyway, this is not a fashion blog…


May I remind you why I like to run in the evening?



It’s just so dang pretty.

I did six miles at Green Lake, but my stomach started feeling icky just a few miles in. I think it was because Aaron was grilling pineapple slices (as one does) at home and I ate one just before I left. ‘Twas delicious, but super-sweet, and probably not the best thing to eat immediately before running.

Regardless, a good pace overall:


I did this run in SHORTS (omggggg yessssssss) and was just so excited about spring that I took a photo with a flowering tree.


I’m so nervous that this nice weather is just a tease and Seattle will go back to being cold and dreary, as it often is through JULY, but I’m also just trying to enjoy it while it’s here… and trying not to jinx it.


It was 63 degrees and sunny when I set out for my hill repeats, so I wore shorts and a TANK TOP! OH MY GOD!!!


Isn’t that graph just so cute and pretty? The little peaks are all like, “Wheeee!! Up, down, up, down, isn’t this fun!?”

Insert sweating, grunting, uncontrollable flying spit, and willing my legs to go up one. more. time. to hit nine repeats. That’s more accurate.


I’m anxiously waiting for the RnR Seattle Marathon course elevation chart to be posted so I can get an idea of what kind of hills I’ll be facing in June, but I think I’m off to a good start with weekly hill training. I’ll work on adding some hills to my long runs, too.

Speaking of long runs… my “long” run on Saturday is nine miles. Haven’t done a long run that short in a while! Maybe I’ll choose a hilly beezy of a route to make it interesting. : )

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