Three miles, half a hen, and the best thing EVER

It was so, so sunny today. Everything is good and right in the world again. Yayyyyy, spriiiiiiing! Please just let it stay this way!

My run was downright balmy tonight. Three miles at a fairly consistent pace:

Because Aaron gets his workout in during the day by riding his bike to and from work, he will often make dinner while I’m out running. Tonight, I came home to this glorious sight:

Cute, herby, roasted Cornish game hen! Oh, delight. Paired with crispy kale chips, this was just dreamy.

Aaron wins fiance of the year. I continue to be useless.

And now, this is very important: If you have self-restraint and can control your portion sizes when it comes to incredibly delicious snacks, then read on. Otherwise, RUN DON’T WALK away from your computer.

OK? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This bag… this bag is everything.

I blame my employer for stocking an obscene variety of food from Costco, free for the taking. This magically appeared for the first time last week, and I made the mistake of trying one. Now… I’m lost forever.

They’re not Paleo — brown rice syrup is the delicious minx that holds these little clusters of heaven together — but I just don’t care. Damn you, clusters! Why do you have to be so good??

If you have the willpower to not demolish an entire bag in one sitting, give ‘em a try and let me know what you think.

If not, then pat yourself on the back. You’ve made a narrow escape.

…and now there’s more for the rest of us!

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