Free cheese!

I’ve been lazy with blogging this week, but not lazy with running! I ran Monday, Tuesday, AND tonight, and now I must tell you about it all in excruciating detail.


I had sort of a frustrating day at work, so I decided to run fast.

It felt good.


Imagine super-shitty weather, and then pile some more shitty-ness on top of that. That is the kind of rain and wind that blessed Seattle on Tuesday.

And that is what rain jackets are for.

And, of course, this was my first set of hill intervals for this training cycle. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I did seven of ‘em, and you can see I took a little jogging break after the first two. I’m not used to hills… hence this training thing.

Earlier in the day, I had seen Chris’ post with this Scroobius Pip line: “You see a mousetrap. I see free cheese and a f**king challenge.”

That stuck with me through this run because I ran up and down a very busy street that leads to the freeway (there are no turns, giving me a nice stretch of uninterrupted sidewalk) and I imagined all the people coming home from work that night thought I was absolutely nuts to be chugging up that hill in such awful weather.

They see a mousetrap. I see a f**king challenge.

Anyway, this run wasn’t half bad, and as I ran home, the two little “hills” that usually take some effort felt like nothing at all. Free cheese!


I rarely run three days in a row, so I figured my legs would be tired tonight. I had six miles planned, and my goal was to run them between 9:00 and 9:05 pace.

Then I just decided to crush them instead.

Don’t ask me. I don’t know. I just felt good and pushed myself a little, but never felt like I was pushing too hard.

Feels. So. Good.

Also, I caught a lovely sunset near the end. Whoever came up with Daylight Saving Time is a goddamn saint.


Free cheese! No, really. Aaron and I are going to a catering tasting tomorrow night, and there will literally be a “chef’s selection of artisan cheeses,” among other delicious, free things — hence why I moved my Thursday run to Tuesday.

Aaron and I have a year and a half to go until our wedding, but you better believe we’re going to enjoy many, many of these tastings, since our venue gave us several preferred caterers to choose from.

This is why you have a long engagement, people — so you can drag out the very best parts! I don’t get why people rush to the altar when there is so much FREE FOOD to be had when you’re engaged!

Sadly, I won’t be eating the cheese, but I will bend the rules with some other foods so I can sample almost everything. Someone please restrain me from diving face-first into the mashed potato bar.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. Two glorious rest days await me, and then 12 miles on Saturday!

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