11 miles

I’m nothing if not consistent.

February 16: 11 miles, 1:41:40
March 2: 11 miles, 1:41:04
March 16: 11 miles, 1:41:13

Not bad after missing two runs this week to recover from my cold!

It sucks to miss runs, especially right as I’m diving into my marathon training plan, but sometimes it’s just smarter to get well and then jump back in.

Remember that time I took four days off of marathon training to be sick and then ran 18 miles? I’ve learned that as long as I do my long runs, it’ll make for a better situation in the, uhh, long run. SAY LONG RUN ONE MORE TIME.

I didn’t feel like going far from home today, so I just did three loops around Green Lake.

There was a rowing competition going on at the lake, which was interesting to watch, plus a guy on a skateboard being pulling by what looked like two real, live sled dogs in the bike lane of the trail.

Umm, AWESOME. Where can I get me some of those?

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