Trust the training

Time to play catch-up with my blogging! Let’s go in order, eh?

I did an easy-ish three-mile run on Tuesday night:


On Wednesday, I got a chair for my standing desk! Thank goodness, too, because I’m resting up my legs before the half.


For those of you not from Seattle: That is the edge of Pike Place Market right outside my window! And a Ferris wheel, obviously. It’s fun to watch!

Even better than the new chair, I got the results from the biopsy on my removed mole: completely normal and benign! Yay!

I also went to a new chiropractor yesterday (haven’t been to one since September) and got some adjustments to my left ankle (of formerly sprained fame), left knee, upper back, and neck. The muscles down the entire right side of my back were tight, so the doc loosened those up, too.

Plus, he gave me some kinesio tape!


If I slouch, I can feel the tape pulling on my upper back, so it encourages me to sit and stand up straight. The doc says if I remember to maintain proper posture and breathe correctly (through my abs, apparently) as I run, my upper back and shoulders won’t feel so tight after 10+ miles.

Ummm… so it’s kind of too late for me to learn a new way of breathing before Saturday, but I’ll take the cool tape and try to maintain good posture. The tape is waterproof, so it should stay on through the race!

I was tired after work yesterday and the weather was really crappy, so I moved my Thursday rest day to Wednesday. That means that tonight, I did my very last run of half-marathon training: two easy miles.


The last training run is always scary because THIS IS IT. There’s no more running to do! I just have to trust my training and hope my legs will feel fresh and speedy on Saturday morning.

Weather is looking good. The race starts at 8:30, so I’ll be running till just before 10:30 (I hope!):


0% PRECIPITATION. That’s what I like to see!

Is that all? Oh! I’ve now been using My Fitness Pal for a week, and I’ve lost 4.2 pounds! A lot of that is probably water weight or whatever, but it’s VERY nice to see the scale lower than it has been in a year.

I’ve had no trouble sticking to Paleo, except that I’ve eaten a serving of pasta with a bit of jarred pesto as part of my dinner last night and tonight to get some extra carbs before the race. I have no idea if that’ll help, but perhaps it’ll help mentally!

OK, I think that’s all.

Friday Friday Friday.


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