My Valentine’s Day date…

…was my momma! I spent today at her house, helping her out with stuff as she recovers from her surgery, and also working remotely from my work laptop.

She’s doing well, much better than I expected at this point, and we’re just really relieved this first step of treatment is over with.

My secondary Valentine’s Day date was the treadmill! I miiiiight have eaten an entire (small) box of chocolates over the course of the day, so I really needed to get a run in. My mom has a treadmill, so I didn’t have to run outside, but it also made me ridiculously sweaty.

6.2 miles, 58:52, 9:30 pace. I did four half-mile speed intervals somewhere in there, so we’ll call this a speed workout, even though it wound up being on the slower side overall.

The last time I was on a treadmill before tonight was at physical therapy in June, I think. I do not miss it one bit. Give me pavement or give me death!

Since I didn’t see Aaron today, I mischievously conspired with his friend/co-worker Holly to have an embarrassingly large Valentine’s Day balloon and oversized card delivered to him in a loud, over-the-top way in front of everyone at work.

There’s no place for subtlety on Valentine’s Day. Go big or go home.

Our real celebration is tomorrow evening at a fancy restaurant. I shall fast tomorrow afternoon in preparation for our feast. There’s no place for dainty eating on, err, the day after Valentine’s Day… or something.

My face is tired. Good night!

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