Palm Springs long run complete!

No surprise here: This was a glorious, sunny run!

I got a bit of a slow start as I tried to figure out my route and how to use the Runkeeper app on my iPhone. My Garmin turned itself on in my bag during the flight to Palm Springs and completely drained its battery, so I downloaded and used Runkeeper for the first time instead. I’m impressed with it!



I still prefer my Garmin, though.

This area is filled with lovely, wide, super-flat sidewalks and streets built on a grid, so it was easy to just do an out-and-back without getting lost.

Two highlights from the run:

1. An older gentlemen walking his little dog offered me the leash as I ran by and said, “Have her back in an hour, will ya?” I laughed so hard.

2. I almost got run over by a golf cart. I was waiting for the walk signal at an intersection when I heard something zoom up next to me on the sidewalk, and it was a golf cart all up on me. That’s why the sidewalks are so nice and wide!



I’m heading back to Seattle today, so I’m saying goodbye to warm temps for several months. Depressing.

I’m heading to pool now to soak up as much sun as possible before I go!

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