Ride and run

Aaron and I are going to do something this morning that we’ve never done before.

He’s doing the Stinky Spoke Poker Ride, which is one lap of a hilly 17.5-mile course, but he’s going to do two laps because some part of his brain is hard-wired to say, “MUST CHOOSE MOST DIFFICULT OPTION.”

I don’t know anyone else like that… {shifty eyes}

Meanwhile, the Sammamish River Trail is right freakin’ next to the start and finish line, so I’m going to do my 7-mile long run while he’s riding. I should finish well before him, and hopefully I’ll be able to change clothes and get warm in time to see him finish because oh my God this is the weather:


I love how the temp sneaks up to 36, but still feels like 32. What in the actual f*ck.

BUT thank goodness it’s actually going to be clear and sunny!

It should be an interesting morning. Wish us luck!

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