A little strength, a lot of crazy

I found tonight’s strength workout on Pinterest:


I did this twice, using 10 lb. weights for most of the moves and 3 lbs. when 10 was just too much. I also skipped the jumping jacks to rest my legs.

Now I have jelly arms! I’ll definitely do this workout again.

A crazy, crazy idea came to me during the workout: Should I switch from the half-marathon to the FULL for Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll on June 22?


  • I would have more than enough time to train for it.
  • The half might not feel like enough of a challenge when there’s an option to run a full.
  • It would give me two chances to run a sub-4:00 marathon this year.
  • It would be fun to run a full in my hometown.
  • Late June in Seattle is lovely for running.
  • It would be hilly, which would be plenty challenging, and may help me smoke flat-and-fast Chicago in October.
  • I think there would be plenty of time to recover and keep training for Chicago…?
  • It would only cost $20 to upgrade to the full, and I have until May 9 to decide.
  • Why the feck not?


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