The 99%

This was a tough one. I ran down to Green Lake and did two full loops for the first time ever! Didn’t stop once, even though I wanted to a million times.

I believe that running is 99% mental and 1% physical.

The 99% includes:

Having the will to walk out your front door.

Scraping together every last bit of mental strength you have to push beyond physical exhaustion.

Refusing to give up.

Every time I refuse to give up, both my body and my mind get so much stronger.

That’s the real rush of running for me: doing things I never thought I could do. Proving myself wrong.

I think Aaron feels the same way about cycling. That guy will push through anything to get the job done.

He did a brutal, non-stop 65 miles with his team today, and now we’re both flat-out exhausted at home.

And we’ll do it again next weekend.

Call it craziness.

Or love.

Or just taking complete, utter, psychotic joy in proving ourselves wrong.

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