Happy Thanksgiving!

Aaron and I are going to his mom’s house to celebrate with his mom, stepdad, grandpa, stepsister, step-brother-in-law (is that a thing?), and adorable niece and nephew.

It’s a big crowd — at least for me, since I’m used to four people at Thanksgiving, max. We’re making and bringing the mashed potatoes. I hope we’ll have enough!

I think the food situation that Greta is planning might mean trouble. Delicious trouble.

I will have two of everything, please.

Meanwhile, Aaron is out doing some sort of bike ride for Northwest Harvest (food bank):

And I am just finishing up this monster of a pancake before I go for a run. I’ve actually been eating it for an hour — it’s ridiculously filling for some reason.


– Banana
– Eggs
– Ground flaxseed
– Vanilla extract
– Cinnamon
– Almond butter on top 

This is my favorite recipe I’ve found for a Paleo-type pancake. The key is to follow the cooking instructions exactly! Otherwise, you’ll wind up with a hot mess.

Anyway. Time to drag my pancake-filled body out for a run. It might be a run/waddle since I’m so full, but that’s just how Thanksgiving should be, isn’t it?

Have a great one!

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