Good news

Today, I went on my first run since September 27. Yes, I went more than a month without running! Shame on me.

The first half of October, I was in Italy and too busy sightseeing and stuffing my face with pasta to run (and I never planned to run on that trip).

The second half of October, I started my new job and began planning a wedding. After nearly a year of being on an adult version of summer vacation, working 40-hour weeks again took some getting used to. Now I’m ready to add exercise into my new routine.

Today’s run felt way rougher than it should have for only three miles. It just goes to show that once you lose your fitness, you always have to earn it back the hard way!

Don’t let the numbers fool you; I had to stop and hold my knees several times during this run (true life: I stopped my Garmin — the whole ordeal probably took at least 35 minutes).

The good — no, GREAT — number I have to share with you is my weight. I’ve been eating Paleo about 90% of the time since returning from Italy and am down to 142.6 — the lowest number I’ve seen since before I left for my big trip in February, and well within reach of my goal of 138 (my marathon-running weight, at which I felt healthy, strong and in the best shape of my life).

(I’m not sure who those random creepers are, or why they wanted their picture taken with me.)

I attribute the recent loss to having a solid routine again and being too busy to mindlessly snack. I’m not terribly strict, though, and ate plenty of candy on Halloween and will have a cookie at work from time to time. I’ll share a sample of my daily eating soon.

The LAST bit of good news that I have to share is, well, more of an introduction.

Tumblr friends… meet our wedding venue:

I’ve had my heart set on this venue from the get-go, and the second tour with my mom and future MIL on Saturday morning solidified it. They both loved it, too, and when I showed them the outdoor area where the ceremony would take place (in good weather), I began to cry. I could just see it all perfectly at that moment.

If the weather is terrible, we can have the ceremony inside in the beautiful chateau. I’ll have my fingers crossed for sunshine, of course, but I certainly wouldn’t mind getting married in the romantic, candle-lit room you see in photo #2, right in front of the fireplace. Either way, that’s where we’ll hold the reception.

Our wedding is just under two years away, so the bulk of the planning will take place later on now that we have the date and venue nailed down. If the bit of planning we did this weekend is any indication, there will be many more (happy) tears throughout the process, and I will be an absolute f—ing mess on the actual day.

I can’t wait.

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