Test 5K

I’m a day behind on posting, as I had important-type things to do yesterday in my grown-up clothes, but here’s yesterday’s three-mile run:

I decided to make it a test 5K (my “comeback” race is on Sunday!) just to see what kind of pace I can handle for 3.1 miles.

9:43 = good, sustainable pace.

9:17 = not.

I think my strategy will be to hover around 9:30 for most of the race and then gun it with half a mile to go. My goal is to run it in under 30 minutes, but I’ll be happy if I can just run the whole thing without walking.

It’ll be tough to pace myself. Last year at this race, I ran my PR of 25:04… and then ran 10 more miles for marathon training. My, how times change after a year, a sprained ankle and an additional 10 pounds from eating my face off around the world. I gave up being down about my slower pace long ago, though — all I can focus on is doing my best right now.

Speaking of eating my face off: Aaron and I have abandoned Paleo in preparation for our trip (beginning a week from TODAY!) to Italy.

We didn’t want to go from cold-turkey Paleo to suddenly inhaling carbs and cheese in Italy and risk feeling sick and miserable, so we’re… easing ourselves back into delicious food.

Last night, after doing my important-type things, I headed downtown to meet Aaron at Serious Pie for dinner. He has been wanting to try it for two years, since he’s a pizza freak, but somehow never made it happen until last night.

I ordered the Yukon gold potato, rosemary and pecorino pizza, and A chose sweet fennel sausage, peppers and provolone — we split them half and half. The sausage pizza was the clear winner! I wouldn’t normally get a potato pizza (it was sauce-less and kind of dry, but had good flavors), but I ordered something Aaron would eat so we could split. Next time: Penn cove clams, house pancetta, chilies and lemon thyme, all for me, baby.

Today: An easy two-mile run and another important-type thing this afternoon. Also, Aaron will get his iPhone 5, and I’ll get to play with it!

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