I’m alive! Still really, really sore all over, especially my neck. Whiplash, maybe?

My biggest concern is an injury that I can feel, but not see: A very tender/numb patch just inside of my left knee that feels like it’s holding fluid or something. Gross. It hurts to bend that knee, which doesn’t bode well for running.

I hope it’ll go away over the next few days. Now, stuff I can see:

1. I have a nice, big bruise on my upper arm that becomes more exquisite every few hours.

2. There’s a scraped patch on my quad that has become scaly and shiny. The chain scrape is starting to heal, although my dad thought it was a good idea to tell me about an acquaintance whose daughter had to have her leg amputated after a wound became infected with a flesh-eating virus. I WILL PRETEND I NEVER HEARD THAT.

3. Minor flesh wounds on the other leg, plus more bruising and a nice bump.

4. Flowers from Aaron. I’ve never seen this combination of roses, sunflowers and hydrangeas before, but it’s so colorful and cheerful! I put that shiz on Pinterest.

5. Gerry the Guard Rail Giraffe from Aaron. He’s… just big-boned.

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