The old run-and-lift

Does anyone else have the need to feel that your running shoes are tied just tightly as each other before you can run?

Sometimes I get it right the first time and don’t think twice; other times, like this morning, I start running and have to stop a few times to re-tie my shoes until they feel just right.

I’ve been known to tie and re-tie my shoes about a million times before races. Really, really weird.

I tried to keep my pace at about 10:00 min/mi this morning, since that’s how fast I can run without feeling like I’m going too slowly or like I’m going to die.

My problem is that I want to go faster, but my endurance isn’t there yet and I get burned out. I’m happy with how I was able to keep a fairly even pace on this run. : )

I returned to Aaron’s place to find him snuggled up in head-to-toe lululemon man-sweats and catching up on Breaking Bad.

I’m desperate to rebuild my upper-body strength, so I took advantage of his sweet Bowflex dumbbells, which allow you to adjust the weight of each dumbbell by turning a dial. They go up to 90 pounds each!

I only use the 10-, 15- and 20-pound settings.

Looks like I’m using a pair of Shake Weights. Ha!

During marathon training last fall, I was really good about lifting weights 2-3 times a week at the gym and really felt/saw progress in my arm muscles.

I’m excited to get into a lifting routine again, and now I don’t even have to go to the gym. Woo-hoo!

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