You know the feeling

…when you’ve been putting off running and just dread it for no particular reason?

And then as soon as you take that first step, you realize, “Ahh, yes, this is great! Why was I putting this off?”

Yeah. Me. Today.

It’s been very hot by Seattle standards (mid 90s) these past few days and I just couldn’t wake myself up in time to run early in the morning. Today is mercifully cloudy and cool, but I still wore myself out and got very sweaty with just a 2.5-mile run!

I passed out in front of a high-powered fan. Delight.

Thank you to everyone who has “liked” Aaron’s contest entry on Facebook so far! He is just slightly behind another finalist with 471 “likes” to the other guy’s 478!

I don’t know what kind of dark magic the other guy is working, but I don’t like this race being so close ā€” it would stink if Aaron lost by just a few votes. If you can spare a few seconds, please lend your Facebook “likes”


AND HERE (Finalist #3 ā€” Aaron Pass) EDIT: Contest is now closed.

Both “likes” count toward the total!

We really ‘preciate it. And very soon we’re going to a BBQ and we can stop obsessively refreshing those Facebook pages.

And I will get to hold Aaron’s baby nephew. I’m a little obsessed with babies lately, so I will probably die of happiness.

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