1,000 “Likes” for Aaron

Thanks to everyone who clicked “like” on Aaron’s entry to a Facebook contest by Enve Composites, he is a top-three finalist to WIN the grand prize of a trip to the UK for a professional bike fitting!

The top three entrants were so close that Enve Composites decided to pit them against each other once again to determine the final winner.

If you need no more convincing to help him win, there are TWO places you can click “like” — they’ll both count for the final total:


AND HERE (Finalist #3 — Aaron Pass) EDIT: Contest is now closed.

You can vote all the way through Sunday, August 19.

Aaron should be in Iceland right now, taking a cycling tour of the beautiful country, but instead he’s being a huge trooper and recovering from painful shoulder surgery.

I can’t even tell you how devastated he was (and still is) to miss that trip. It would mean the world him to win this one.

I can’t help him be in less pain right now, or go back in time and save him from getting hurt, but I can help him win… and I want him to win BIG!

My goal is to help him get 1,000 “likes.” The top 3 entrants got about 150 “likes” each in the initial round. I want to blow that out of the water!

Here’s a video of his entry story, showing his recovery from near-death after his motorcycle was hit by a car and all the amazing things he’s done since then:

For Aaron from Devon Mills on Vimeo.

I belong to quite a few social networks, but I believe in Tumblr the most when it comes to a community willing to rally around someone.

If his story touches you, please don’t hesitate to “like” his contest entry (HERE and HERE — Finalist #3 EDIT: Contest is now closed), reblog this post/video, tweet about it and/or share his Facebook entry on your own page.

Anything helps. Thank you in advance.

1,000 “likes.” I think we can do it!!!

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