Aaron got through his shoulder surgery on Monday with flying colors and was released from the hospital the same day.

See that black bag hanging around his neck? Inside it is a “pain pump” that delivers medicine through a catheter in his neck to numb the surgery site.

Today, the pump ran out of medicine, and per the doctor’s instructions, I. took. the. catheter. out. (He said he couldn’t feel it at all.)

Have you ever removed like three inches of tubing from someone’s neck? It was so creepy and weird. I could never be a doctor!

Monday night was really rough because Aaron was in so much pain and couldn’t sleep — we were awake till 3 or 3:30 a.m., and I felt horrible because I couldn’t help at all — but last night was better, and we even got out for a walk today. He has a post-op appointment tomorrow morning, and I think things will only improve.

I also got out for a run around Green Lake this morning.

‘Twas very sunny and tiring. I really pushed myself by trying not to walk and I was exhausted by the end. My legs are super confused about why I’m making them do all this work after months of delightful relaxation.

I’ll do a short run tomorrow, or maybe just a longer walk with my favorite patient. : )

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