Long run

Today is Aaron’s last hurrah before his shoulder surgery tomorrow. We’re not doing much — just relaxing and going to see a movie — and he’ll probably be bed/couch-ridden for the next few days.

Please say a prayer, send out good vibes and/or think good thoughts for a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

Pre-injury Aaron says, “Maholo!”

This morning I woke up a bit later than planned and went out for a hot run in the Seattle sunshine. I did a “long” run (for me) and am really happy with how it went.

I ran the first two miles without walking, and took little walking/shade breaks during the last two.

Near the end of mile three, I ran into my friend’s boyfriend and he switched directions to run with me for a few minutes. I thought that was really nice of him until he started running at about a 9:00 min/mi pace, and then I was like FECK NO. I had to stop at a water fountain anyway, so we parted ways… I died a little bit… and then kept going.

Now my legs have the tireds. 16 miles for the week!

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