Wedding day

My friend Amy’s wedding is tonight, so I just ran two miles this afternoon — enough to get my heart pumping, but not enough to kill my legs. I want to be able to dance my face off, should the opportunity arise.

I walked for about 15 seconds during mile two, but that was it! Happy times.

I wore for the first time this pink Brooks tank that I forgot I had. It’s a soft, breathable mesh material, but not see-through, and plenty long so it doesn’t ride up. My #1 complaint about running tops is that they’re usually too short! The only thing I don’t like about this top is that the neckline feels a little high, but I can live with it. Otherwise, it’s the perfect barely-there tank for warm-weather running.

Looks like it’s on sale now, but I can only guarantee the non-see-through-ness of the pink color!

That said, if it was about 10 degrees hotter in Seattle, I discovered today that I would feel fine going for a run in just a sports bra.

I still have a few pounds I’d like to lose, but they’re mostly in my hips and upper thighs, which you can’t see when I’m wearing running shorts. I’m fine with everything else!

My return to running has helped me regain so much confidence. Even if I look and weigh about the same as I did a month ago, the difference in my head is massive. Maybe it’s just because I feel so much better being active again.

Whatever the real difference is, I like it. I’m going to take it and… bad pun alert… run with it.

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