Morning run

I ran three miles around a practically empty Green Lake this morning. I didn’t have to dodge as many people/dogs/strollers as usual, and I only walked about 0.3 miles of this run!

I’m up to 10 miles so far this week. Whaaaa?? It feels so good to be back.

And it feels so good to have my jeans fit better.

And to eat some things I want to eat and not feel guilty because I’m exercising regularly.

Like pasta. I’ve been craving pasta, so I bought some last night. I measured a dry cup of it, cooked it, mixed it with pesto and could only eat about half. (I also had baked salmon, roasted brussels sprouts and a few sweet potato fries.)

I had the other half of the pasta for breakfast. I think my pasta craving has been satisfied and won’t return for a while. But when it does, I’ll have a little and not feel the slightest bit guilty about it.

I should post about how my eating has changed since I ate Paleo all the way through June, but for now, let’s just say I’m doing about 80/20 and not being too strict. Getting back on track after an eating free-for-all in Hawaii. Enjoying life.

Running happy.

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