Can we talk about LOFT for a second?

I kind of hate shopping for clothes, and more often than not, I just wear cheap Old Navy t-shirts and tank tops with jeans. I also got rid of a bunch of things before I left on my trip, and the clothes I’m left with are all pilled and homeless-y from extensive wear around the world.

I have some trips coming up (Portland, Hawaii, ITALY) and wanted to get a few nice non-t-shirt things, and I hit the jackpot at LOFT. I tried on practically the entire store because everything is so cute. And everything is 40% off right now in stores and online, YOU’RE WELCOME.

Anyway… here are a few things I bought. Yay.

– Blue dress and belt (can’t find the belt on the Web site!)

Striped top

Capelet (never thought I’d buy one, but so comfy)

Yellow top

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