Weigh-in Wednesday: Paleo, Week 3

Starting weight, 5/30: 150.8 pounds

Paleo week 1, 6/6: 146.6 pounds

Paleo week 2, 6/13: 143.7 pounds

Current: 144.4 pounds

Gain this week: 0.7 pounds

Total loss over three weeks: 6.4 pounds

My first gain! I’m not freaking out about it — 144 is about what I weighed before I left for my trip, and I think it’s about as far as I’ll get unless I step up my exercise. Here’s what went down this week…



How I ate: I think this past week had a few more “cheats” than any other week, including a margarita on Saturday, mimosa on Sunday and glass of wine on Monday. I continued to eat a square or two (OK, three on one day) of dark chocolate each day, and had a bit of non-Paleo BBQ sauce while eating out.

I’m happy that I was apple to eat well at restaurants. It’s now kind of stressful to go out to eat! I have to look at the menu ahead of time and put more thought into ordering. My strategy is to order whatever is already closest to being Paleo so I only have to ask for minimal modifications. I used to work at a restaurant (I was legitimately a cook in the kitchen), so I know how annoying it can get when people ask for a million substitutions. Everyone is entitled to order however they like, of course, but I try to make things as easy as possible because I’ve been there.

How I exercised: I did yoga on Friday, 25 min of rolling incline walking on Monday and 30 min of rolling incline walking + 30-Day Shred Level 1 on Tuesday (I’m super sore today). I also did a ton of walking at the Fremont Fair on Saturday.

I’m ready to step up the exercise even more by walking faster and doing my Jillian Michaels DVDs more frequently. I also got my road bike back from my dad (he kept it in his garage for me) and hope to get out on it this weekend. Plus, I’ve still got my fingers crossed for RUNNING next week!

How I felt: Still great! I’m still sleeping well and waking up feeling energetic. No change here, really.

How my body has changed: I feel like I look about the same as last week. Looking back at old pictures, I can’t believe I took for granted how fit I was a year ago during the height of half/full/tri training! I so look forward to getting that body back through cardio and lifting.

There’s only one more week left of my month-long Paleo adventure! Let’s see what I can do.

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