My lunch was laaaate and overly ambitious. Once I ate the leftover “breaded” chicken, I knew I wouldn’t have room for the tilapia, so I threw it back.

Into the fridge, obviously… as opposed to the ocean.

I’m trying to finish off all my leftovers since Aaron and I are heading out of town tomorrow — he’s doing another 30-mile mountain bike race on Saturday!

The leftovers linger, though. They haunt me.

Right now I’m actually eating that tilapia and finishing the very last of the mashed sweet potato for a sort-of snack/pre-dinner. How did I stretch ONE sweet potato over three meals? I’m so ready for it to be over.

It’ll be interesting to see how I can eat paleo while in Chelan this weekend without my own groceries and or access to a kitchen. Stay tuned!

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