This morning’s breakfast:

– Two scrambled eggs with rosemary
– Half of a zucchini, chopped and sauteed in coconut oil
– One leftover bacon-wrapped date stuffed with Italian sausage
– One-fourth of an avocado

Those bacon-wrapped dates with sausage are super filling, which is good because you’re not supposed to eat too many at a time. They’re meant to be treats, since dates are naturally sugary and bacon is… well, bacon. But, yum, they are so delicious!

The rest of the photos are a throwback to this weekend, including a few more snaps from Saturday’s Second Ascent Ballard Criterium. I love watching those guys flyyyy by on their bikes! It made me want to rescue my Bianchi from my dad’s garage and… stare at it lovingly until my ankle is healed enough to ride. (The sideways twisting motion of unclipping from my clipless pedals makes me nervous that I’ll injure it again.)

Yesterday, Aaron and I saw Snow White and the Huntsman (very good!!), then headed to his parents’ house for dinner. Momma Pass, aka Greta, always puts together amazing meals for us, and she loves paleo cooking!

Greta really outdid herself with apple and bacon rosemary pork burgers, avocado (for me), sweet potato fries (for the boys) and a huge salad with chopped pears, nuts, dried cherries and more. For dessert? Cocoa date balls that tasted like brownies!

Thanks so much, Greta! Everything was so good, and I was stuffed. : )

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