– One chicken-apple sausage
– Two scrambled eggs
– Half of a zucchini, sauteed in coconut oil
– One-fourth of an avocado

If you have trouble staying full until lunch, try a breakfast like this! I can’t see myself going back to carb-and-fruit breakfasts that would leave me starving just an hour or two afterward.

Off to see Snow White and the Huntsman with Aaron! I have paleo blueberry muffins, plain dates and an apple tucked in my purse for us to munch on during the movie.

P.S. Reluctant Runner asked if Aaron is eating paleo with me; it’s more like I’m eating paleo with him! He’s been paleo since last August. It’s much easier for us to eat together now, and we had lots of fun making the bacon-wrapped dates and muffins yesterday!

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