Trying on running clothes when I can’t run

The good news is that I’m mostly hobbling around my mom’s house without the help of crutches!

The bad news is that it’s a serious hobble — nothing close to a normal walk, and I’m probably still weeks or months away from running.

But I can still try on my new running gear and get excited to run again, right?

You may remember that Brooks sent some clothes to my mom’s house back in March as a thank-you for some volunteering I did in November, but I’m just now getting to check them out. Most of the stuff is super cute!

I especially love this jacket, which I would never ever ever buy for myself because it is sooo lightweight and just doesn’t feel like it’s worth the cost. It’ll sure come in handy as I run in Seattle’s rainy weather, though!

And you can roll/velcro the hood away to turn it into a track jacket.

You win, Brooks. You win.

The only item that didn’t win? This extremely sheer, mesh, sea foam green tank.

I give them props for matching it to the green trim on the shorts, but I’m so not a fan on this look on me. Why bother with a top at all if you can see everything anyway?

However, I also got that top in pink and the fabric was much thicker and less see-through. So much pink! And… arm-warmers.

I’ve never worn arm-warmers, but I could see these being useful for the first few miles of cold-weather runs. Please ignore the backwards/upside-down nature of the Brooks logo.

Please note that I have not been asked to pimp Brooks clothing; I just literally have nothing else new to post, unless you want to be completely updated on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Giuliana and Bill and Khloe and Lamar.

I’m surprised my mom’s On Demand remote has not burst into flames from the amount of use it’s gotten since I’ve been laid up on her couch with a bum ankle.

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