At least it happened at the end of my trip!

At least (I think) it’s not broken!

It could be much worse!

I figured I’d start with optimistic thoughts because if I don’t try to look on the bright side, I will just keep dissolving into tears.

Here are the facts:

– I fell
– It hurt
– I can put my entire body weight on my left foot, but can’t really walk on it without the aid of my sketchy Thai crutches, which were gifted to me by a kindly restaurant owner who happened to have a spare set in his back room (so random)
– I’m 99% sure my left ankle is not broken, but it is definitely swollen and I think qualifies as a good sprain
– I’ll find out for sure at the hospital tomorrow — today I dealt with my travel insurance company and confirmed that it will cover my visit to a nearby hospital
– I’ve survived so far thanks to the kindness of strangers and some piggyback rides from strapping young men of various nationalities
– I will likely not be running again anytime soon (Dev on Running –> Dev on Traveling –> Dev on Crutching)

Rest. Ice. Compress. Elevate.

I have no idea where “travel through five airports in 36 hours starting tomorrow night” (Koh Samui –> Bangkok –> Tokyo –> Los Angeles –> San Francisco) fits into that preliminary recovery plan, but I’ll cross crutch that bridge when I come to it.

I could really use some cheering up right now.

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