Catching up

I’ve now left my little island paradise — and these epic sunrises — behind.



Ridiculous. There’s something about waking up at the crack of dawn specifically to watch the sunrise that makes the rest of the day so much better.

Now I’m… on another island paradise. Pardon me for the lack of variety.

This time, I’m on a mission to get my open-water SCUBA diving certification!

Today was Day 0 — just watching a few short videos — and tomorrow we’ll actually get suited up and in the water! The schedule is a lie… there is no pool. The pool is a little thing called the Gulf of Thailand.

Word on the island is that whale sharks have been spotted on nearly every dive over the last month, including today. Um, AWESOME!! Perhaps I’ll see one tomorrow?

Aaand to end this on a random note… here’s my latest travel post on Answering Oliver:

Here’s to the Great Ones

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