Thai foods I will miss

OK, so these are just packaged foods, but deal with it.

BANANA CAKE: Tastes exactly like your mom’s homemade banana bread, but is conveniently packaged for easy breakfast or snack consumption for 12 baht (39 cents) from 7-11.

You cannot throw a rock in Thailand without hitting a 7-11, by the way. Tomorrow I’m going to a remote Thai island that has not changed much in the last 20 years… except for the addition of a 7-11.

PUMPKIN CHIPS: Thin, crunchy, lightly sweetened, delicious bites of pumpkin glory. I found these at a Phuket supermarket today and am already addicted. I can’t tell you much about them because everything on the package is in Thai, and I bet I’ll never be able to find them again.

Someone should grab a buttercup squash, a mandolin slicer, a bit of glaze and some sesame seeds, roast the crap out of some pumpkin chips, take a photo, pin it and become a Pinterest legend. You are welcome.

 MANGO STICKY RICE EVERYTHING: Dairy Queen looks a little different around here — it’s all about mango and mango sticky rice, baby! I did not try any of these because clearly I’m a mango sticky rice purist. Can you imagine eating that mango Blizzard with rice in the cone? Ca-razy!

But mango sticky rice itself is the bomb.

Also, if you want to learn the full story behind this photo of me alone and in the dark at the Chiang Mai airport, you can go to here.

I will go ahead and ruin the ending for you: EIGHTY-NINE MOSQUITO BITES.

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