It’s official: evening running > morning running.

Someone slept in today and missed the window of opportunity to run before it got too hot, but that same someone made amends later with a nice sunset 5-miler.

Mile 1 — 9:29
Mile 2 — 9:12
Mile 3 — 9:11
Mile 4 — 9:08
Mile 5 — 9:03

46:04 — 9:13 pace 

I felt more like my old self on this run.

There was less struggling, more flying.

The air was nice and cool, and it reminded me of home. (Seattle has the perfect climate for running, minus the rain.)

I’ve always enjoyed evening running much more than morning running. I know a lot of people like to get their days off to a good start with morning workouts, but I’d rather end on a high note. I also have a thing for sunsets.

And it’s always pretty cool when you catch sight of the first star in the night sky (last photo).

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