Airlie Beach run

Helloooo. This is where I’m living for the next few days.

This was the peaceful hostel at 8:45 a.m. Now imagine guys and gals tanning, swimming and listening to vulgar rap music. Welcome to Airlie Beach!

I set out for a four-mile run a little late. I meant to wake up at 7:00, but my phone died overnight (poor thing can barely hold a charge anymore) and I woke up closer to 8:00. After a pre-run breakfast of a sliced apple with peanut butter and a granola bar, then slathering on my sunscreen, I was off.

I passed the popular lagoon, where I have a feeling I’ll be spending quite a bit of time…

…plus lots of pretty boats along the running path.

I had to take several little breaks to hang out in the shade and to chug water from water fountains. Even though it was only four miles, I think this run was on the brink of being dangerous because of the heat and humidity. Must. Wake up. Earlier.

Second breakfast after cooling off:

Greek yogurt mixed with rolled oats, half an avocado, prunes and lots of water. Don’t hate on prunes; they’re so good. This probably counts as an early lunch, even, since it was so filling!

Now, I’m gonna go see about that lagoon…

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