How to run while traveling without getting lost:

1. Find water with a path alongside it.
2. Run.

4 miles along the Noosa River as the Australian sun set – 39:30 (9:52 pace).

This was my first run in, ohh… 11 days or so? I set out to run 3 miles in Melbourne, but got lost in my friend Charles’ neighborhood, so I actually ran 3.75 and didn’t write about it because it was embarrassing. As in, I had to stop at a gas station and ask for directions. Lesson learned!

Last night, I felt my legs having to work harder than usual, and I can tell my shoes are definitely shot (still using my marathon training/running shoes – nice and shin-splint inducing).

And, obviously, I’m slower than I used to be. Ah, well. The slower pace allows me to take in the sights more. I’ll get back to where I was once I settle down somewhere and stop eating so much gelato (not anytime soon).

I sweated more sweat than I ever knew my body was capable of sweating on this run thanks to Australia’s sauna-like humidity. It felt good, though.

Onward to Hervey Bay today! I’ll likely have no Internet access as I tour Fraser Island over the next few days. Whee!

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