Hey, remember when I awkwardly pranced around modeled for a Brooks runway show back in November? (Here’s the full story behind that — it’s a good one.)

Brooks offered a “swag bag” as compensation for participating in the show, but I never received one… until today!

OK, so my mom received it at her house in Washington, but she was kind enough to take pics of the goods and send them to me. So excited to get my hands on this stuff in a few months when I swing back through the States — especially that jacket!!

The iPhone pic makes many of the items look reddish-orange, but they look more like magenta on the Web site. We shall see!

Clockwise from top left:

D’Lite Micro Mesh Racerback
D’Lite Mesh Tank
Run Happy EZ T
Versatile 3.5" Woven Short
Seamless Arm Warmers
LSD Lite Jacket II

I’m overwhelmed. Thank you, Brooks!!

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