Queenstown 4-miler

Queenstown is one helluva city!

It’s a resort town that’s known as the Adventure Capital of the World, and “every night is Friday night” at the crazy bars. It’s absolutely gorgeous when it’s sunny… but it ain’t half bad for a rainy morning run along Lake Wakatipu, either.

Apparently fancy people like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise own homes in Queenstown. Maybe they’re amongst these mega-mansions?

The water looks so clear and clean! Too bad it’s super cold.

I’ve been running so infrequently that I can no longer knock off four miles like it ain’t no thang. I definitely had to push myself during this run!

Aaaand I either need to start running more or eating much healthier, since I’ve noticed my cheeks growing rounder. It’s so easy to grab an ice cream here, fish ‘n chips there and, oh, how about another package of dark chocolate Tim Tams? Must get some vegetables into my life ASAP.

ANYWAY, I’m in the home stretch of my time in New Zealand. On March 5, I fly to Sydney!

I hope a little more sunshine awaits in Oz…

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