Getting my groove back in Wellington

I’ve crashed for two nights at a friend’s* place in New Zealand’s capitol and, my God, did I need the break from constant bus travel, adrenaline-pumping activities and hostels swarming with twenty-somethings. I’ve been traveling now for exactly two weeks.

Wellington has helped me slow down and recharge. Its stunning waterfront also lured me out in the late afternoon for my first run in 12 days.

I wasn’t sure how far or fast I’d be able to run, but Wellington worked its magic and, together, we pulled out a good one.

It didn’t hurt that this was one of the most gorgeous runs I’ve ever done β€” right up there with a beachfront jog on Oahu and a jaunt along the seawall in Vancouver, B.C.

Very red face = good run.

I’m up bright and early tomorrow to catch a ferry to the South Island, where things like glacier hiking in Franz Josef and bungee jumping in Queenstown await.

My oh my.

*My friend is Nick White, an incredible runner who kicked the shit out of head & neck cancer. He ran a 21K trail race up a friggin’ mountain about six months after major surgery… while still wearing a stomach tube. He trained for it while undergoing chemo and radiation. He’s also just about the kindest, most generous guy you’ll ever meet, and I’m ridiculously proud to call him my friend.

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