Odds & Ends

Lots of trip preparation. No exercise. That about sums up my week!

I spent two hours yesterday trying on shorts and tank tops since it’s summer in the South Pacific and, boy, I do not recommend doing this in the dead of winter when you’re ghostly pale. Not that I recommend tanning, either, but my pasty legs look really awkward in shorts. Or maybe it was the lighting in the fitting room?

Anyway, traveling with only a backpack is pretty much my dream come true solely for the fact that I’ll be limited to a handful of clothing items, and it’s actually acceptable to wear the same plain t-shirts and tank tops over and over again like I do anyway.

Cheap tees and messy hair = not normal for a nice office environment (see memory lane below). But I was born to travel, baby.

My hair will be that long again… someday.

This week on Answering Oliver, I wrote about my new round-the-world backpack and a bunch of travel-planning tasks I’ve recently completed:

My RTW Backpack, Part Two: Osprey Farpoint 55

9 Days To Go! Pre-Trip Odds & Ends

NINE DAYS, people. I hope to squeeze some running in between giving 99.8% of my stuff away, moving out of my townhouse, selling my car, saying goodbye to all my friends and getting ready to leave for good. I’ll at least have to hit my favorite waterfront trail one more time before I leave Seattle.

Wow, that just made me sad. Time to end this post. Happy Friday!

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