Yesterday I trudged through the snow to the grocery store (0.5 mile away) because I was out of necessities: apples, bananas, peanut butter, veggies for roasting, Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked fro-yo and Cadbury Creme eggs.

I know it’s January, but who knows if I’ll have access to Cadbury eggs when Easter actually rolls around? WHO KNOWS???

I might have eaten one during the walk back home.

Being patriotic does not exempt your car from getting stuck, abandoned and covered with ice, apparently.

Today it’s raining, and all the pristine, beautiful snow is turning into slush. It was nice while it lasted, snow.

New post on Answering Oliver about the heart stuff that went on this week:

A Matter of the Heart

And if you enjoy reading that blog, feel free to like it on Facebook. I’m this close to 100 likes and I would love you forever. FOREVER.

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