The lululemon fairy delivered this to my front door today!! I’m already obsessed. Thumbholes never get old for me.

I needed a lightweight, non-cotton, long-sleeved shirt for layering as I travel, and I’ve wanted this running top for a while now, so it was the perfect excuse to buy it. It’s SO comfortable, moisture-wicking and cute to boot. I be travelin’ in style!

Today was the last day of my gym membership, and I made the most of it by hitting the free weights one last time. I was so sad to say goodbye!

I highly recommend Ballard Health Club to anyone who lives or works in North Seattle. It’s a non-intimidating “regular people” gym that has great equipment, complimentary classes and personal training, and it never gets too crowded. I would definitely renew my yearlong membership if I weren’t leaving.

I also went to the doc today for my annual checkup. I got my official height (5’6") and weight (142.7 lbs. w/clothes on, including a sweatshirt… no fair). I ran my marathon at 138 lbs. Whenever I weigh less than that, I think I look kind of gangly and sick in photos, so I think it’s a good number to aim for as I get back into healthy eating and regular workouts.

Side note: I’ve weighed under 135 in the past but wore bigger jeans… because I didn’t have any muscle. I’ll take a higher weight and smaller jeans with a side of muscle, thanks!

And fun fact: I need to schedule an echocardiogram to check out my heart. I have a family history of a heart condition, and when I mentioned it, my doctor was like (exact words): “Yeah, that’s one of those things people can drop dead from. Let’s get you an echo.” Wheeeeeee!

Cross your fingers on that one.

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