Welcome to the floor. I’ll be here all day.

Remember when I ran a marathon less than a month ago? Nah, me neither.

Today, FOUR MILES put me on the floor.

I ran with CrossFit Tony again and we both had trouble — him with his knee, me with my lungs and stomach. Looking at the numbers, it was a decent run, but we both felt like crap while running. Neither of us had run since our great 6-miler last Friday.

I’m gonna chalk it up to three things:

1. The six vaccines I received on Tuesday completely wiped me out yesterday, and I may not be back to 100% yet.
2. Margaritas last night. Enough said.
3. I’ve been super-lazy during this holiday season and have lost a good amount of fitness.

Two out of three are completely my fault, so I’m not trying to make excuses. I just miss being able to run far and fast and feel awesome while doing it.

Today I’ll create a fake January training plan for a nonexistent race to get my butt back in gear. Feel free to taunt me if I don’t stick to it!

I feel like Reluctant and/or Brenna will just jump at the chance…

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