THE BIG DAY and runner tracking

Oh hey, my first marathon is TODAY.

Wow, the window of my hotel room is dirty.

The marathon starts at 4 p.m. Pacific and I hope to be done by/before 8:30-ish depending on when I cross the start line! I’m in corral 8, which I moved up to at the expo since I’m aiming for a 4:15 finish.

I signed up for runner tracking that will text seven splits to five people of my choosing. My mom, who is HERE by the way, is receiving them so she’ll know when to meet me at the finish, and my lovely friend @Edger will attempt to live-tweet my splits on the Twitter machine, so follow her if you want.

I’ve got three slots left… who wants ‘em? Bonus points if you’d like to live-Tumbl the splits for me. Send your email address to my “Ask” if you’re interested, and let me know if you’d be able to Tumbl it up tonight.


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