Last run of marathon training!

Wow. I can’t believe this little two-miler was my last training run. The next time I lace up my Ghost 4s, it’ll be to run 26.2 miles in Las Vegas!!!

I just ran at a comfortable pace. Easy breezy.

I’ve loved marathon training for the past 19 weeks. It helped me deal with the stress of quitting my job. It also helped me get through a really sad breakup and an even sadder death in the family.

I also got to enjoy lots time outdoors, watching the leaves turn from green to orange, red and gold, then eventually fall to the ground.

I got to run with lots of new friends, like Theodora, Meg and Lindsey, as well as some old ones, like Carly and Ben. (Yes, Ben, we’re old friends. Don’t you know?)

I ran half-marathon and 5K PRs, as well as my first triathlon. I modeled in a running fashion show. I played Nuun pong. I trained in Washington, California and New York.

I took a ridiculous amount of pictures of myself before, during and after runs.

Here’s one more.

I ran 426 miles, biked 68 miles, strength-trained 22 times (and cleaned my shower twice), swam seven times and went to just one yoga class. All of that, I suppose, is sufficient to run a marathon.

We’ll find out soon enough.

See you in Vegas, baby.

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