Seattle Marathon Expo: Day One

Look who I found… Vicki!

Actually, she found me, and I almost didn’t recognize her because I’m used to seeing her in a swimsuit and cap. Homegirl is running her first marathon on Sunday — be sure to wish her luck and follow along to see how she does! Hint: She’ll crush it.

I spent a few hours at the DetermiNation booth today chatting with people about the program, giving away cowbells and encouraging folks to make cheer signs for their runners.

It was so sweet to watch kids make signs for their parents. They wrote things like, “My daddy is running this race!” and “Go, Mommy, go!” LOVE IT.

I made a classic one: “Your legs hurt because you’re kicking BUTT!” It’s true, you know.

I loved going downtown for the expo today because I got a taste of Black Friday — tons of people outside of Westlake Center, Christmas music and excitement pumping through the streets — without having to shop. I’m not a big shopper. I am, however, a connoisseur of free samples at race expos.

Back at it tomorrow from 1-4. If you happen to be there, I’ll be the crazy girl dancing to the sweet jams pumpin’ from the cycling booth next door. Oh yeah.

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