Happy (late) Tumblr-versary to me!

Sickness update: I’m still sick. I have no idea what to do besides rest and drink a ton of fluids so I can get back to marathon training as quickly as possible. 18 miles kinda have to happen this weekend.

Anyway, I totally forgot that October 21 was my one-year Tumblr anniversary! Oh, how far I’ve come since that first post:

I’ve had pain in my right knee during and after running for the past few months. The entire day after running it was always stiff, and I would hobble around in pain wondering if running was even worth it.

Then my mom’s boyfriend noticed that I slid my running shoes on and off instead of re-tying them each time I ran. He laughed at me.

I re-tied them so they fit much more snugly and ran one mile; no pain. Two miles; no pain. Three miles; no pain. Huh.

That was last night. Absolutely no knee pain today.

And here I thought my 23-year-old body was defective! Turns out it was just my brain.

Such a relief.

Luckily my body is still not defective. My brain is about the same, although at least now I know how to tie my stinkin’ shoes.

Thank you to all of you crazies who read, “like,” comment, encourage and offer advice as I write this weird little blog. I wouldn’t be the runner (or person) I am today without the awesome Tumblr community that has shared my highs and lows, running-related and otherwise, over the past year.


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