Running in the dark

Tonight, I had 8 miles on my training plan, and I wasn’t about to do them on the treadmill (yuck). But it was cold out today. It was windy. And it was going to get dark in the middle of my run.

Sounds like it was really gonna suck, right?

But this run. was. AWESOME. It was the type of run that makes all the craptastic runs worthwhile.

I started out a bit fast because I was cold and wanted to warm up, and then I realized that 9:00 min/mi was a pretty comfortable pace and just held it the whole time (except for mile 5, which had a hill), and then got even faster at the end. WTF?

Oh, and I ran 9 miles instead of 8, since my route around Lake Union was a bit long. I didn’t mind, though. Double WTF?

I’m gonna chalk this success up to two things:

1) I was ecstatic to be running outside and not on the treadmill. I find it hard to run with good form on the treadmill because I’m intensely focused on trying not to keel over from boredom, so it always leaves my ankles feeling tweaked. It felt great to be back on the road, and I took advantage of that great feeling.

2) I wore my magic running tights of awesomeness. They kept me warm without making me feel overheated, which really helped me focus on the run. I didn’t think I’d have to bust these out so early in the fall, but I’m glad I did.

This photo is from after the run, which is why I look so damn happy (and dorky — don’t care). Yay for the magic tights!

Fun fact: I bought these tights specifically for a New Year’s Day 5K/Polar Bear Dive, during which I fully ran into 40-degree Lake Washington just before the finish line. It was cold, but man, was it fun!

Another fun fact: If you read that 5K post, you’ll see that I finished it in 31 minutes and “ran THE ENTIRE TIME! A first!" Proof that we all start somewhere.

Anyway, I really didn’t mind the fact that it got dark right around mile 4 of this run. I just need to get a sweet headlamp and a blinky light for my fuel belt stat. It’s gonna be a long, cold, dark autumn and winter.

I’ll get through it with the magic tights.

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